Adrienne Christian is an Editor, Teacher, and Author. She's a Cave Canem fellow and an Executive Committee Member of the Haiku Society of America. She works and plays in New York, New York. Find her traveling, throwing parties, or misbehaving when she's not at her computer.

Editor. Adrienne works as a Copy Editor and Developmental Editor for Aquarius Press. She also works as a freelance Developmental Editor for writers of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction.

Teacher. Adrienne has been teaching for more than a decade. She is a former Instructor of English as a Second Language at the Berlitz Languages  School, and a former Instructor of English at Guilford Technical Community College. Currently Adrienne teaches one-on-one Creative Writing workshops in poetry and nonfiction via Skype and online.

Author. Adrienne's latest book, 12023 Woodmont Avenue, is now available from Willow Books. Her first book, under the pen name E. E. Kelley, was published by Write Now and Author House in 2006.